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The so-called Progressive, whom I say should rather be called a "Regressive" "kos" from dailyKos.com censored/locked my JamBoi AND JamBoi2 accounts so I started this one.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Tired of getting locked out. Starting my own. :-)

I got locked out of my JamBoi.DailyKos.com account again. Again with no e-mail from the Admin and no clear indication of what it was about. More censorship. Armando was objecting to what he called a double post I did on Saturday which I apologized for and this lockout is my reward. As I've learned to say these days "no good deed shall go unpunished!". At some point I've gotta say "whatever". If they insist on being petty and censorious, whatever dudes. I'll just keep on truckin' :-)



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