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The so-called Progressive, whom I say should rather be called a "Regressive" "kos" from dailyKos.com censored/locked my JamBoi AND JamBoi2 accounts so I started this one.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Re: kos, why am I locked out again? And again with no warning?

Dear brother Markos,

--- dkos@dailykos.com wrote:

> Dude, you were deleting diaries and reposting them to stay atop the
> recommended diaries. If you didn't know that was wrong, then your
> moral compass is seriously screwed.
> At best, your actions showed a complete lack of consideration for
> other posters, and that, in my opinion, is a bannable offense. m

Not guilty. If that were what I had done I might be able to see your

So please give me the time to explain what REALLY happened and share
my point of view.

To begin with its not right to make the kind of assumption you've made
that you know what my motivation for deletion and reposting. I don't
understand why you are not asking me for my reasoning instead of
telling me what you think it is. How can anyone know what is going on
in another's head? Furthermore, to impugn someone's moral character
is really skating out onto thin ice and I'm having a hard time seeing
where you're implying that deleting/reposting is some kind of major
moral/ethical event. I do realize that it does have some (unintended)
side effects on posted comments and position on the RECENT diaries list
(not RECOMMENDED as you charged).

I have never ever done ANYTHING to try to stay atop the
RECOMMENDED diaries as you charge. On that list I just let the chips
fall where they may. If I post something popular, so be it, if not
that's fine. As a matter of fact I took a MAJOR hit for deleting two
extremely popular diaries that Larisa of RawStory demanded I remove
for fear of exposing a witness in the fraudulent Ohio recount. Why
would I do that and piss people off if all I wanted was to do was
be popular? I wouldn't. Now with all that being said, let me explain
what has actually happened now that you've provided me with the rationale
for the locking.

First off it would help to recall that the first several times I EVER
wrote to you were before I ever posted diary entry here AT ALL. John
Dean "Bozos for Bush" had spent several of his first dK diaries making
false accusations against me and by doing so had been instrumental in
getting me banned from DU. I wrote to you several times asking that
you remove the postings. I never to this day got ANY response on that.
What I ended up doing was to convince "Bozos" that he was wrong and he
finally deleted the diaries himself. I formed the conclusion that you
were uninterested in the goings on at your site since I couldn't imagine
that you would be okay with Bozos posting crapola about DU.

Since then you've actually come down on ME for HIM bringing DU stuff
here. Well I quite agree with you that people should leave there stuff
from other sites off dK, but when this hand of discipline is applied so
unevenly and I'd even say unfairly what is the poster to do? It gave
the impression you were at best asleep at the switch. Okay, fast
forward to this Saturday AM:

Secondly Saturday Bozos again was on the warpath vs. me and after he'd
carried on a long thread of crapola about me at BBV and CGCS he posted
a nasty libelous comment on my morning dK diary, which he then started
cross-posting on a second one of my diaries (which I'd really
appreciate if you'd remove since its still littering
http://jamboi.dailykos.com/story/2005/1/26/14716/6631) and on his diary
space at dK (which he's since removed since he realized he was wrong).
I had posted an IMO non-controversial first-person account of a meeting
of the Open Voting Consortium the night before which was pretty much
exactly like the top half of what I reposted at

I had not added the actual meeting notes yet (the second half of the
above post) and Bozos had THE ONLY comment on the diary. So when I
was ready to add the meeting notes I decided to delete the diary and
repost. The purpose was NOT to do ANYTHING other than get rid of that
stupid comment of his. I was aware that it would put the post back at
the top of the RECENT diaries, but that was an unintended and unwanted
side effect. The posting wasn't all that popular or highly recommended
to my knowledge, so I don't think there was much effect at all on
RECOMMENDED diaries, though you have much clearer insight into the
dynamics of that from your vantage point than I ever could. My point:
RECOMMENDED LIST" AS YOU CHARGED. So please take that back.

As to lack of consideration for other posters, as far as I knew there
was only John's comment on that post and it didn't deserve to stay
there. So where's the beef?

Also I'd really appreciate it if we could hook up and communicate about
things like this BEFORE you take such drastic action so I (or whoever
you're working with) can have a chance to explain my point of view.
Warnings are a beautiful thing brother Markos. Please afford me and
your other posters warning so that we can feel we are being treated in
a democratic way.

So since I am not guilty as charged, I would ask that you unlock my
account. BTW, I live just down the road from you in SJ, so if it would
be more workable on things like this to talk on the phone that would be
find by me too. Just let me know...

Thanks for listening and keep up all the good work you're doing. As
I've said before I really appreciate this facility you provide and the
difference you and by extension our whole dK community is making in our
world. I do not expect perfection at dK, but if we can talk through
misunderstandings like this I believe it only strenghthens the
community and in turn the progressive movement.

Drew Johnson
(AKA JamBoi)

JamBoi previously enquired:

> > And for what?
> >
> > Can't we have warnings? Please tell me what I need to change so
> that
> > I can stay on your good side. These anonymous lock outs really
> aren't
> > good ways to operate the site. If I'm messing up, please let me
> know
> > via e-mail.
> >
> > On Saturday I was notified in comments by Armando about something
> and
> > before I even had a chance to delete the diary as he asked he did
> it.
> > And then he went on to delete several more??? I thought dailyKos
> was
> > about democracy, not mobocracy. I don't believe his actions were
> > justified or fair. For my part I posted a public apology (though I
> > don't think I was "guilty" of much more than ignorance of the
> > ultra-strict interpretation of the rules that he used to justify
> his
> > actions). Still my point was nothing more than to participate in
> the
> > community, and if by apologizing it helps things go better, I have
> no
> > problem with that.
> >
> > Btw, I enjoyed hearing you talk on Majority Report. Hope you get
> more
> > opportunities like that to put a "face" on us bloggers. Good
> going!
> >
> > Thanks for listening,
> >
> > JamBoi


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