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The so-called Progressive, whom I say should rather be called a "Regressive" "kos" from dailyKos.com censored/locked my JamBoi AND JamBoi2 accounts so I started this one.

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Election Fraud Isn't the Crime; Publicizing It Is

If you had any doubt "Moderate" Democrats approve of Election Fraud or are at very least Election Fraud Surrender Monkeys, just take a look at my diaries at dailykos.com/user/JamBoi dailykos.com/user/JamBoi2 and tell me why else did dailyKos's Markos ("kos") lock my account not once but twice! kos went so far as to take the phrase that I had come up with and publicized on DU to describe these criminals -- Fraudsters, and used it against those of us who are working to uncover the fraud!!! And then go to DUBoothill.blogspot.com and read how not just me, but numerous other progressives that have been thrown off DemocraticUnderground.com by DemocraticUnderground's David Allen ("Skinner") appearently for nothing more than uncovering Election Fraud! Unbelievable! Clearly Election Fraud is A-Okay with kos and Skinner, but publicizing Election Fraud is verboten!


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