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Saturday, February 26, 2005

"Why Now? Why did we have to wait so long?" re: Kerry and these motions

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"Why Now? Why did we have to wait so long?" re: Kerry and these motions
Edited on Fri Feb-25-05 07:20 PM by WilliamPitt

You probably caught the new motions Kerry/Edwards filed in Ohio:


The reaction to this I've been seeing a lot of is, "Why Now? Why did we have to wait so long?"

A thing election reformers need to accept and understand is that lawsuits, like legislation, take time. For example, the motion to preserve evidence in this Ohio matter was entered in December. It is now almost March, and the judge has yet to issue a ruling. Such a waiting period is fully and completely out of the hands of the attorneys for Cobb, Badnarik, Kerry and Edwards. Believe me, Arnebeck and Bonifaz are gnawing through their desks in anticipation, but there isn't a damned thing they or we can do but wait.

Did Kerry blow it by conceding too early? Obviously. I've spoken with several of the people who served as poll-watchers on behalf of Kerry in Ohio. The decision to concede was made before these people were debriefed. They were on buses, planes and trains hauling ass home so they could describe what they'd seen to their campaign representatives. That, and that alone, represents an incomprehensible and ultimately terminal blunder.

Now that it is in the courts, however, it is no longer about Kerry or who deserves to be in the Oval this term. It is about winning these cases and setting precedent that cannot be ignored. Winning these cases will take time, how much time being solely at the discretion of the judges and their clerks. That's just the fact.

It isn't about Kerry anymore, and frankly, hasn't been since he conceded. If they win the motion for preservation, they can get forensic examinations of the voting machines, along with sworn deposition testimony from Triad officials, local election officials, and even Mr. Blackwell himself. The importasnce of that cannot be overstated. If voting is to be rescued from privatization and the untested machine, the errors - both human and electronic - must be exposed. This motion, if successful, is a good step in that direction.

Granted, a lot of time has passed and crucial evidence could well have been wiped. But again, that is what happens with lawsuits. Cobb and Badnarik have been at this since early November, and they have been playing the exact same waiting game as the Kerry supporters out there. It isn't about any of these candidates anymore. It's about winning in court. This is the marathon.


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