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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nature abhors a vacuum...

There's that old saying that nature abhors a vacuum. Its amusing to watch the Old School media complain about us bloggers and how we are not properly credentialed, don't adequately check our stories, etc. Essentially when you boil it down their complaint is that we are not part of their guild system and we are not controllable by them. Wah!!!

Tonight's "The Daily Show's" segment defending us bloggers tonight was hilarious. They talked about how folks at dailyKos and another site (who's name I forget) blew out the psuedononymous "Jeff Gannon", male prostitute and White House press corps propaganist ringer for *. They mentioned Atrios.blogpot.com by name. They also had a rapier-like Stephen Colbert report where he pretended to be an Old School journalist lambasting the bloggers. RotFLMAO!

Bloggers might never have become so powerful if the media was actually doing the job of the Fourth Estate and exposing the NeoFascists instead of sitting on their ass. Just goes to show you, nature abhors a vacuum...


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