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The so-called Progressive, whom I say should rather be called a "Regressive" "kos" from dailyKos.com censored/locked my JamBoi AND JamBoi2 accounts so I started this one.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Fitrakis Amazed dailyKos Fainthearted Faction Enforcers!

I spoke with Bob Fitrakis on Saturday at the Election Rigging 101, National Teach-In and he was quite suprised to hear that kos doesn't want to hear that Kerry Won: 900 Pages of Evidence Filed re: OH Fraud '04 and has gone as far as actually locking my account at dailyKos not once, but twice! Amazing! Crazy! JamBoi has become a political dissident in the land of kos!

Bob Fitrakis couldn't believe it initially, but the evidence is clear and persistent that the Dems don't want to deal with their "Election Rigging" problem (along the lines of America's "torture problem"). The Democractic Party in the U.S. has become complicit aiders and abetters to the most shocking crimes against democracy in the history of the world! JamBoi and the Fiercehearted Faction will not stand by while the kos and his Fainthearted Faction tries to block the truth coming out. If the Democratic Party will not work to reintroduce democracy to America we will sweep them aside too.

Step aside Fainthearted Ones and the Fiercehearted will proceed to impeach the chimp!



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