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The so-called Progressive, whom I say should rather be called a "Regressive" "kos" from dailyKos.com censored/locked my JamBoi AND JamBoi2 accounts so I started this one.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Looks like kos is not going to respond.

Well, I've given kos plenty o' time and he continues to leave my dailyKos account locked. Unjustly. That's the way it goes since it being his site he can be as arbitrary, unjust, and pigheaded as he wants to be. Its his right.

What is it with these undemocratic Democrats and regressive "progressives"??? Democrats of the fainthearted faction who are afraid to face the corruption that pervades not only the Republicans, but the Democrats also. They don't seem to realize that in acting regressively they are blocking the positive change they think they are working towards. Hopefully Dean will push aside these DLCers fainthearted ones and fire up the Donkeys. If so maybe I'll consider rejoining.

In kos' favor at least this time he bothered to reply to me once fairly quickly, but not again after that. Ah well, JamBoi says "c'est la vie". Supposedly he is a moderate progressive like me, and hopefully at some point he'll realize he treated me unjustly. Since we actually live relatively closely here in the SF Bay area I'm sure I'll get a chance to meet him sometime at some kind of gathering of progressives.

In the meantime I forge ahead as one of many leaders of the "Fierce-hearted faction" that will not put up with regressive "progressive" nonsense, and will stand and fight the NeoFascists whether they bear the name "Republican", "Democrat", Nazi, "Green" or whatever. Anyone who takes the attitude that "The end justifies the means" is my enemy and I will use all peaceful, non-violent Jesus/Gandhi/MLK-like means to overcome them and will teach others to do likewise. The NeoFascists will not prevail if Jesus' followers will take a stand and fight fire with God's Love.



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