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Monday, March 28, 2005

TheoCon Doms Reveal Their Hand!

The Dominionists are showing their hand quite directly. This article will make your hair stand on end if you've been following the Madsen investigations. Just like Hitler in Mein Kampf, just like the PNACers, these people put right out their the NeoFascist agenda they have in mind.

NYT's article:
Movement in the Pews Tries to Jolt Ohio


Published: March 27, 2005

Greg Sailor for The New York Times
The Ohio secretary of state, J. Kenneth Blackwell, has the support of the state's conservative church leaders.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Christian [JamBoi note: Not!] conservative leaders from scores of Ohio's fastest growing churches are mounting a campaign to win control of local government posts and Republican organizations, starting with the 2006 governor's race.

In a manifesto that is being circulated among church leaders and on the Internet, the group, which is called the Ohio Restoration Project
, is planning to mobilize 2,000 evangelical, Baptist, Pentecostal and Roman Catholic leaders in a network of so-called Patriot Pastors to register half a million new voters, enlist activists, train candidates and endorse conservative causes in the next year.

The initial goal is to elect Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, a conservative Republican, governor in 2006. The group hopes to build grass-roots organizations in Ohio's 88 counties and take control of local Republican organizations.

"The establishment of the Ohio Republican Party is out of touch with its base," said Russell Johnson, the pastor of the Fairfield Christian Church and the principal organizer of the project. "It acts as if it lives in Boston, Mass."

I must say these people have brazeness if nothing else. Here's one insinuating somehow he's more Republican than the Republicans and inviting the Republicans who aren't Domionist enough to join the Dems:

"We're very confused that you have a Republican Party platform, and yet people running for higher office pay no attention to it," said Phil Burress, the leader of the Issue 1 campaign, who is also helping organize the Restoration Project. "Why don't they just become Democrats?" he asked.

I encourage everyone to read the whole article at the NYT's site


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