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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Awake America to the Evil Perpetrated by BushCo

Xixi, Alexandria, Virginia, USA wrote:
"Bush looks good in his suits because he exercises. He does cardio workouts every day."

Unfortunately Bush spends more time working out his bod than his brain or in actually performing the job that a real (nonusurper) US President would do. Then again given the mess he's managed to create during his stolen presidency maybe its better than he continue in his incompetent, ineffective, alcoholic, cokehead ways -- the sooner Americans wise up to his lying ways the sooner we can impeach the bastard and get to being the peaceloving democratic nation that we can be.

You know its always tough for law-abiding citizens to begin to conceive of the threat they face with curs like the Bushco crime syndicate who shamelessly bend, twist and manipulate legit laws of our great nation and then vigorously attack any opposition who questions their murderous ways. It just doesn't enter the mind of the average American that Bush could have stolen 2 elections orchestrated the 9/11 attack on his own country and proceeded to imperiously invade and occupy two vast countries in the Middle East, corrupting our own military into using chemical weapons and torture -- in the name of God and righteousness no less! In a way our blissful ignorance which we think of as "innocence" could just be the most dangerous aspect to world peace and stability on the planet! Wake up, fellow Americans!



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