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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tis The Season For Impeachment Talk: Some Resources

[Note: Continually updated: Most recent Update 12/24/05 5:55PM EST]
What a gift to America! With the 12 days of Christmas rapidy approaching (Christmas day is day 1) the Dems are finally, finally, finally waking up to the nightmare monstrosity that is BushCo. Yesterday Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. John Conyers uttered the "I" word: impeachment. Hallelujah! Even Howard Fineman and Jonathan Alter and the conservative editorial board of Barron's of the MSM (Mainstream Media) are discussing it! I know I've been talking impeachment since March '05 but much wiser people than I such as ImpeachBush.org , The Four Reasons and Francis Boyle, have been on it from long before.

What are some things Greens can do to fill the world with peace and goodwill towards people by helping to push impeachment forward?

Impeachment: How-to Resources
These Dems are going out on the limb for the American people and really, really need our support. Here's some practical suggestions as to how we can give a gift to ourselves by helping to create momentum behind the notion of impeaching Bushco:

  • Support Rep. John Conyers in his valiant exploration of forming an impeachment committee and the first step, censuring Bush. Here's a more complete explanation of what Conyers is up to in The Nation's blog. I'm a huge, huge John Conyers fan! He's been consistently on top of the stolen election and many other aspects of the BushCo crime family. He and the Congressional Black Caucus deserve enormous accolades for their leadership. The CBC leads the way!
  • Pour support over Senator Barbara Boxer's courage in broaching the "I word". I'd even consider joining her Pac for Change. Hmmm... maybe we could persuade her to become a Green. ;-) Here's an admirer's blog who's been following her since the so-called "Boxer Rebellion"
  • Contact your congressperson to register support for impeachment. Writing snail mail and phoning are far better than e-mail, but e-mail is far better than doing nothing. Here's another useful web page for that too.
  • Sign the petition at ImpeachBush.org
  • Work with other local activists to form a local impeachment meetup to focus on electing candidates promising to impeach BushCo.
  • Here's a good Explanation of the impeachment process. Also check out the rest of ImpeachBush.tv.
  • According to Rasmussen Reports polling an amazing 32% of Americans favor Impeaching Bush.
  • Consider ImpeachPAC.org.
  • Here's another good Impeach Bush web site.
  • Kagro X over at DailyKos is doing a blog on resources for a do it yourself guerilla marketing of the impeachment movement.
  • Speculative editorial about how impeachment could come about.

  • Motivation: Why-to Resources

  • Read venerable Senator Byrd's stirring speech "No President is Above the Law"

  • Read "The Man Who Would Be Dictator: How We Got To This Awful Place".
  • Read about word that BushCo's illegal wiretapping is monitoring ALL OVERSEAS COMMUNICATION as well as Alternative Media sources!
  • Learn about Coup 11-2, BushCo's second stolen election. Here's an Anatomy of Fraud '04!

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