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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Living a nightmare

This letter to the editor in the Los Gatos Daily News, Feb. 10, 2005 from Alan Van Fleet of Redwood City, CA was so moving I'm re-presenting it here. I don't think Alan will mind. It speaks for itself. JamBoi

Living a nightmare
Dear Editor:
I am a veteran of World War II. When I left the Army, I returned to a land of beauty and glory. We had beaten the Nazis in Europe, and the Japanese militarists in the Pacific.
   Everywhere in the world, America was loved and honered. I was proud to be an American.
   Now each day I feel that I am in a horrible nightmare from which I cannot wawake. I can scarely open a newspaper or watch TV. Atrocities and abominations and injustices sprout like evil mushrooms across the earth.
   The media do not tell us enough, not nearly enough, about what is going on, but I know. I am not a "good German" who "did not see" the death of the Jews. I know.
   Where has my land of hopes and dreams gone? What has happened to you, America? Where have you gone?
   O come back....Come back.
Alan Van Fleet
Main Street
Redwood City


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